The Best Trilogy You Wouldn't Want to Miss, The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Are you ready to read the book that will change your perception of the human race and all its possibilities? Brace yourself with the Hunger Games Trilogy. The trilogy by Suzanne Collins is the best I have had the opportunity of reading. The trilogy consists of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. All throughout the 3 novels, there was never a dull moment. Thousands of reviews testify that it truly is an ultimate page-turner that will leave you breathless. Suzanne Collins created a world rich with imagination that you could not help thinking about its possibility of becoming true. A world where life and death is in the hands of the powerful and the rich, one could not help realizing how similar it is with our present world that we live in. Incredibly, all three books topped all US bestseller lists upon their release.

Before planning to order and buy the Hunger Games Trilogy, what is it all about? The series takes place in the future at a time when the nations underwent destruction and has now been reformed and called Panem. This nation, Panem, consists of the Capitol, where the rich and powerful reside, as well as 12 districts that exist to cater to the needs of the Capitol. Due to a rebellion against the Capitol, a tradition was started. This tradition is called the Hunger Games. It is a televised game that happens every year. One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18, called tributes, from each of the 12 districts are chosen by lottery and are required to represent their own district in the Hunger Games. The tributes are then thrown in the arena wherein they are expected to fight to their death. Tragically, there should only be 1 winner among the 12 districts. The series follows a 16 year old girl, Katniss Everdeen, representing the last district who volunteered in the place of her younger sister. Consequently, she becomes the face of the districts' rebellion after she innocently defies the Capitol in The Hunger Games. Also from district 12 is a boy who is in love with Katniss, Peeta Mellark. Both of them fight against the Capitol’s manipulation and iniquity. They serve as the symbol of two people who have nothing to lose and everything to gain without them even knowing. Can two ordinary teenagers win against the power of the Capitol?

I was never ever a book lover, but these books are simply amazing! I instantly got hooked upon reading the first few pages of the series. The plot was very well-written and packed with all the elements that will keep the reader hanging on to their seats. All the characters have their own distinct personalities as well that will make us love them or otherwise hate them. The setting itself set the perfect mood for such story. All in all, the trilogy is one heck of a book that you should not miss! It is such a pulse racing, emotional and heart-warming trilogy! An important caution to note down on the other hand is the violence content. It might not be suitable for very young readers. I recommend 16 years and up to go ahead and order the novel. I am already a full-blown adult and the themes gave me the creeps! It is best to look up recommendations and reviews from other parents or experts regarding who are of age to read the book. Better yet, you can try to read through the books first prior to letting your kids read them. It is always better to know and find out yourself and not base your decisions from other people’s point of view. Remember not forget to guide your kids on the moral content and as well as their learning from the novels. Your supervision is a highly important factor in how children understand and interpret the book.

Nevertheless, the Hunger Games is a one-of-a-kind book that you should consider reading. You are missing half of your lifetime if you don’t start buying and ordering the trilogy. If I have not convinced you enough, do read other reviews. I suggest that you start now before the movie comes out next year. Due to the book’s success, a film adaptation will be coming out next year. With this, I just can’t wait for the movie coming out in March 2012!