Mockingjay - A thrilling final installment

I’ve been eagerly waiting to buy the final installment of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay and my wait is finally over! Like its predecessors, Mockingjay doesn’t disappoint. But rather it delivers a fitting end to the war-based series played out in the post apocalyptic world. It has already got many positive reviews from various readers.

Mockingjay brings out the horrors of war – the brutality and the ruthlessness of it. If you’re looking for a fairy tale ending, then there isn’t any. Mockingjay’s beauty lies in its realism. Instead of rainbows and sunshine, it’s stark reality that hits you in the face. War isn’t beautiful. We may try to glorify it but the fact remains that it is ugly. No amount of sensationalism can change it. Mockingjay brings out this aspect very clearly. The various reviews out there on this book speak for themselves.

Even though the book is aimed at young adults, there is something in it for everyone. Its message is universal; a truly excellent buy meant for any age. An incredible story about honor, love and courage.

Following her second victory at the Hunger Games, the rebel factions rally around Katniss in a desperate bid to take down the Capitol. They want to remove President Snow from power. There is widespread chaos and unrest. And the Capitol wants to take revenge for the state of affairs. On Katniss.

In this third and final installment, we see the protagonist Katniss Everdeen emotionally and physically drained. She tries to come to terms with her unwanted fame as an icon of the revolution. Katniss own personal war never comes to an end. She has lost so much almost driven to the point of insanity. We see Katniss in her most vulnerable form yet. Ravaged by war, she feels like she’s been ordered by destiny to live again. In spite of it all, she keeps going. She never quite becomes her former self. The war has changed her too much for that. She picks up the bits and pieces of her life and tries to deal with her loss the best way she can.

The love story between the main three characters resolves itself. Katiss would eventually choose between the two men in her life – Gale and Peeta. The central theme of the though story isn’t about Katiss making her romantic decisions. The romance forms a subtle yet an indispensable part of the book. The bigger idea is about what war really means and how it robs us of humanity. The ones left behind after the salvages of war have a nearly impossible task ahead of them, which is to survive. Picking up the scattered pieces of one’s life and to start anew- it is painful as well as soul-searching.

Mockingjay is nothing short of amazing. Right from the first page to the last, this book will keep you hooked. You are always left wondering what is going to happen next. Be ready to be hypnotized for the next couple of days! A book you won’t ever regret buying and treasuring.

The main characters of the book can be related to at a personal level. They hardly seem distant and a figment of one’s imagination. The pain, the huge loss that each of the characters experience is something we all have experienced at one point or the other in our life. And this makes the story all the more realistic. Suzanne Collins does a remarkable job in bringing the characters to life. Various other reviews also bear testimony to this fact.

For all the fairy-tale ending seekers out there, it might come as a shocker that Mockingjay has no happy ending. And the plot line could be a bit violent for the faint-hearted. Other than these two aspects, there’s pretty much nothing else negative to write about the book. And also that Mockingjay is the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy.

Mockingjay has something in it for everyone. Buy it for yourself or order it for a friend – Mockingjay won’t disappoint. Gripping and easily addictive, the clean storyline and the engaging characters make it an easy yet a wonderful read. It does not fit into any stereotypical category – thriller, science fiction, war novel… Mockingjay has it all. It stays with you even a long time after you’ve finished reading the book. Be sure to buy and keep a copy of the book in hardback – you’ll want to read it over and over again.

A story about courage in the face of insurmountable odd… A story about heart-crushing loss… A story about war…. A story about life… A book worth buying and worth keeping … Mockingjay is a must-read.